Be a hero. Help your clients file their FinCEN BOI Report with ease.

FinCEN BOI Reporting doesn't need to be a hassle or a liability for you. With just a few clicks, BOI eFile allows you to provide your clients with a resource to file their BOI Reports easily.

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How do you help your clients comply without adding to your liability or workload?

Your clients are looking to you for help – and now you’ve got the answer. We make it easy for you to be helpful and protect you from additional risk and responsibility. 

How BOI eFile Works

The purpose behind BOI eFile is to make it easy for you to help your clients. You're the helpful expert who gives their clients confident help with these kinds of things.

  1. Send

    We'll provide you your own magic link for you to send to your clients as a resource

  2. Track

    We track for you so you're always in the know about who's filed.

  3. Earn

    You can opt to earn for each client that submits a form using BOI eFile.

You Can Earn Every Time a Client Uses BOI eFileTruss

About BOI eFile

We're All About Making Your Life Easier

BOI eFile is a service brought to you by TrussTruss is the acclaimed new portal platform that is already trusted by over 1000 tax pros.

Truss uses cutting edge AI tech and KISS principles to make document and data exchange a joy for you and your clients -

BOIeFile by Truss & Truss

Foolproof Client Experience

Your clients need the solution that's effortless. You found it for them.

Bank Level Security

Peace of mind that your info is secure.  Hosted on SOC 2, Type II-certified platforms.  BOI eFile utilizes AES-256 and Bcrypt encryption.

Happy Clients, Happy You

Help your clients comply without the liability or hassle of filing for them.

BOI eFile will track which clients have filed.

No-brainer Pricing

Being compliant has never been so rewarding!

When you recommend and send BOI eFile to your clients, you pay nothing, and your clients get a great service. On top of that, you can opt in to earn every time a client files.

You Can Opt to Earn Every Time a Client Uses BOI eFile
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Frequently asked questions

BOI Reporting is intimidating for clients - but not anymore.  We make compliance painless for you and your clients.

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  • Does BOI eFile help me to avoid liability and risk of filing?

    BOI eFile allows you to separate yourself from the risk of filing. Information is provided by your client directly to BOI eFile and filed by BOI eFile. 

  • Can BOI eFile help me if I want to do the eFiling on my own?

    Yes, BOI eFile provides a spreadsheet upload tool to help you to eFile efficiently.

  • How does BOI eFile help my clients comply?

    We all know what happens when you just tell clients that they need to go file something somewhere on some government website with pages of instructions…BOI eFile follows the KISS principle to make it painless for them.